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Cox refuses to honor the offer they sent to me...

Well, after a half dozen exhausting phone calls, with numerous transfers during each call, I am giving up. Good job, Cox! You won. You have made it so difficult and awful that I am just going to stick with your 1 year contract for $50.98/mo, instead of the 3 year no contract price including modem that you sent to me for $39.99/mo. I will not renew with you, despite being a loyal customer for about 15 years. For future reference, don't send a flyer to your customers if you will not honor it. I have some other things to say, but I will keep it civil.

I just can't believe that you guys would fight tooth and nail over $10.99 per month. I don't even care about the money, it's the principle. I was always raised to do what you say you are going to do. But, I am a person and not a gigantic corporation. Your company has really disappointed me. 

Thanks for nothing, 

                               Unhappy Cox customer

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    Good Post. Cox should support the services customers are subscribed to instead of depending on forum to resolve a problem. I have been a cox customer ever since moving to AZ 18 years ago. Problems now with my landline and no real fix. A person may call customer service and be transferred to someone else as the previous comment above states. I had no problems with my land land under the original system before they put in the modem and integrated everything. 

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    Hello, we're sorry to learn that you're having a poor and unpleasant experience with our company, and we want to investigate this further. For additional support, we encourage you to reach out to us at, Facebook, or Twitter. This post has been locked, and we ask that you please refrain from discussing personal matters. The Support Forums has been provided for the specific purpose of making it possible for Cox customers to help each other in using and supporting Cox products and services. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator