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5 years ago

Cox Promised Credit for 2 Months, only gave 1 month

I received an e-mail 3/30 stating that Cox would be applying a credit for the 500GB or Unlimited Data plan (whichever I paid for) starting with my March billing cycle, for a total of 2 cycles. I originally thought this was Spam until I noticed on my March bill (due in April) there was a credit for the Unlimited Data plan.  Today I received an email that my April bill (due in May) is ready to view BUT what do you know the Unlimited Data plan is being billed again and I can't get ahold of anyone at Cox even though they have the following message on my account:

We've got you covered. We're crediting the monthly charge for your additional Unlimited or 500GB data plan for two bills. We want to help make sure you have the resources you need to remain productive during the coronavirus work and school closures.

Has anyone else encountered the same issue?

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  • We suspended data usage charges on March 16th. If you would have exceeded the cap prior to that date charges may still apply for that month. If your statement prints prior to the announcement, you may still see the charge. It will be credited and will be seen on next months statement.
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    I saw the same thing. The chat rep (more like bot) told me it would be credited within a couple of days on my bill.  My statement is almost 2 weeks old from the time they sent it to me, and I figure they would have done something about it before now. I have determined that I'll see that credit before I pay any of it.  I have an email and I have screenshots of the website stating it will be credited.  Just waiting to see if they take care of the 13 year plus customer.

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    Yes. I received the same message and also did not receive a credit for this months bill. Is cox planning on honoring this ?

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