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5 years ago

Cox is officially the worst company I've ever had the pleasure to deal with, NO FREAKING JOKE HERE!

Yes Cox **, I have Gigs blast and often times had better speeds when I was on 300mbps...i called for a technician to come out and check the system for both my internet and television... Well I did a test while I was on the phone with the tech and my speed was not quite 400mbps...ihave a program that monitors my speed coming into my house... I looked at the log file when the technicians got here, of course they checked the outside connection first, my connection speed leading up to the day they got here increased from the day I made the appointment until they knocked on my door and said there are no issues outside to 700mbps WOW. They said it has to be with your equipment which I have my own modem, because with their modem on the 300mbps plan I had good speeds ar the medem but couldn't get those speeds after their modem did all the bottlenecking protocols lol.不 So I bought my own modem with a separate Wi-Fi router, my speeds increased two fold, to above what my limit was supposed to be. I said get your equipment and hook it up, well they said they don't have it on the truck. IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: They were supposed to bring new equipment with them because I didn't have their correct modem for Gigablast plus my contour equipment is almost 3 years old so I don't have any of the features I'm paying for that came out 2 years prior lol.不 This all occurred over a month ago...

Present day my logs show nothing over 300mbps in the last 30 days and I still don't have my new equipment from them which they charged me a $75 service call because they didn't find anything wrong and they were supposed to upgrade all my equipment, which didn't happen because they didn't bring any or didn't have the correct equipment lol.不 ANOTHER NOTE: In order to get the latest equipment and avoid the $75 service call fee is you have to exchange it at their closest location, well guess what 'I'M DISABLED' and can not physically disconnect the equipment put it in my van, exchange it and then reconnect everything to when I get the stuff home... Nope Cox doesn't have anything in place to wave the fee automatically, I have to call back and some how prove to someone on the phone that I am physically unable to complete those tasks lol.不 

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    @xxxg8trfanxxx Hello, we regret learning about this negative experience, and we truly want to resolve this for you. What speeds are you receiving on a hard-wired connection? I'm including a link which provides information on ways to achieve Giablast speeds, If you need any additional assistance, please don't hesitate to include a link to this forum post and email us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator