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4 years ago

Cox Internet Consistently a FRACTION of What is Advertised

Last week I upgraded to 150 Mbps service.

I hooked up my personal Docsis 3.0 modem to save on the monthly rental cost and wireless router with ample capacity. I then switched back to the rented cox modem/router so as to remove all potential excuses due to the associate alluding to this being the root cause of the poor performance experienced.

The following day I was getting around 900 Kbps on my Xbox when downloading a game update so I called again. After a 40 minute wait and being instructed to unplug my modem for ten seconds (which had been done prior to the call). No performance increase was achieved.

After a ten minute chat with the associate my speed magically increased to about 150 Mbps at around 4pm. At 6pm it was down to 15 Mbps again.

The following day this poor performance continued so I called again. Again I was instructed to restart my modem but not before having the 1 GBPs service advertised to me. To this poorly time offer I declined on the basis that I have zero (0) confidence that 1 Gbps can be delivered if 150 Mbps cannot be consistently delivered. Again after some talking the speed magically increased to 150 Mbps. 

And now here we are. Downloading a game update at 15 Mbps with 150 Mbps service only a few days later while listening to Cox’s dates hold music for all of 30 minutes at this point.

In what commercial reality is providing 10% of the advertised product or service considered acceptable?

Please remedy this issue so that I can consistently receive the service that I am paying for.