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6 months ago

Cox installer damaged heater and Cox isn't helping fix it

On November 15th we were having Cox install internet at our new home and the installer accidentally drilled through our AC/Heating system causing nearly $10,000 in damage.  Cox referred us to their insurance carrier stating that the repair cost was above their threshold and their insurance carrier has been stalling for weeks saying they're trying to determine if the installer was an employee or a contractor (seems that should be easy to find out).  

We have not had heat for weeks and family members are getting sick from the cold winter temperatures at night.  Our last communications (today 1/4/24) they stated: 

"I’m still in the process of confirming if the tech who damaged your AC is a COX employee vs a vendor employee.  I will follow up weekly with my client if I do not receive a response."

A "weekly" follow-up with Cox to find out if the damage was from a contractor or employee tells us they're not taking it seriously, and this isn't going to be resolved quickly. They also suggested we file a claim with our homeowners insurance in the meantime, which could negatively impact us with increased insurance rates and possibly being cancelled.  

Any suggestions to get this resolved faster so we have heat in our home?  I'd like to think that Cox cares about their customers.

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  • Hello cmsavacool,


    On behalf of the Cox family I'm truly sorry to hear there has been a delay and that your family is impacted with no heat. On your behalf we can submit a request for any possible way to expedite the escalation regarding the damage claim. Could you email support at with your first and last name and complete address? 


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      Thank you Dustin,

      We did promptly hear from the insurance company representing Cox (Crawford and Company) after your response.  However, they stated that they are "depreciating" our heater that was destroyed by the Cox technician and are requiring us to pay for $2,370 of the repairs.  Our heater and air conditioner were working just fine prior to Cox destroying it.  So, it does not seem appropriate or reasonable that we would be required to come up this much money for the damage caused by your company.  Is this typically how Cox handles these situations? 

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    Do you know or can you find out the Technician's employee number? When I worked in RI I know the Cox employees numbers began with 6 and contractors began with 7 but that might have changed or vary from state to state. Just thought I would mention it. You can also tell by the truck the tech. drove. Was it a Cox bucket truck or just a regular truck with a Cox sticker on it?