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4 years ago

Cox Hotspots suddenly require sign-in??

The long and short of it is that my SO and I like to do sleep calls over Discord since we are currently holding our relationship over a long distance. But as of this moment, that's not possible, as the Cox wifi network that I'd been using suddenly informs that I am required to sign into my account in order to gain access. This wouldn't be an issue if it weren't for the fact that after putting in my information, I'm immediately told for the long and short of it, that the wifi hotspots are unable to be connected to. What's the point of hosting hotspots if they're not going to be openly available to the customers who are actually paying for the services? And on top of that, this is occurring while using the hard connection on my PC is absolutely fine! What in the world am I, or anyone else who uses your internet service, supposed to make of this???

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    most cell service providers have unlimited calling, unless you're using  min service plan with jitterbug, or something similar??

    signing i, you also do need to prove you're a cox customer!!