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3 years ago

Cox High Data Usage Doesn’t Match Router Traffic Meter

Cox shows ridiculous amounts of data usage but my router traffic meter shows normal usage. It started last month. I changed my wifi network name and password and limited the devices as well as turned on the traffic meter. I watch it like a hawk. I know I’m not using 200gb in a day and I trust my router when it says I only used about 10gb. I called Cox tech support and they told me to call Netgear because my firmware might be out of date. Netgear said that Cox has to push firmware updates to my modem. I’m tired of the runaround.
How do I get Cox to fix this issue?

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    they literally explode your data useage on purpose so you'll buy the unlimited cause if you dont get that package they will fee you till your almost on the streets cause they dont care.

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    I think the moderators are on to something:  hackers downloading Norton stuff.

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    Do you have Contour TV service?  If so, do you use any of the apps included in the Contour box?  Shows that are streamed through the Contour box use Internet data and count towards your cap, even though the data does not pass through your router.  Any app in the box marked "Internet" will use data and be counted by Cox.

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    Hi @Clma23

    I know how important it is for you to have your data usage be counted accurately. Are you see spikes on certain days of the week or has there been an increase in average daily usage? Are you able to post the log from the 3rd Party meter that you used to track your data usage?

    Ben S.
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      My wife and I average 20GB a day. Can you explain how Cox can report 712GB used on April 6 alone? That's the equivalent of streaming four UHD TVs the entire day. We don't even have that many TVs in our home.

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        Hi @BurnedByCox

        There are numerous factors that impact data usage. I’d first suggest that you change your home network password to something new. We’ve heard from several customers recently, who—after noticing spikes in their data usage—were able to restore their data usage to what they considered ‘normal’ for their household simply by changing their network password. Have you checked all of your household devices for viruses and malware? Spyware running in the background can cause sudden spikes in data usage.

        Ben S.
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