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6 years ago

Cox data usage discrepancies

I have been noticing major discrepancies in the Cox data usage meter. It is my understanding that this is a 3rd party vendor doing it for Cox. I have been communicating with their help/support team, but to no avail. Unfortunately, they do not seem to have any real tools to investigate data usage discrepancies. Understandably, they try to put it back on the customer. On my side, I have a data usage monitor on my secured router and watch all devices and the data used.

My problem: We have used the same amount of data for over 15 years with Cox. Average is 20 Gigs per day. Then, at the end of my billing cycle there is an unexplained data spike with over 600 Gigs in 2 days. Now, this cost me an extra $80 because it put me 400 Gigs over. Of course, they put it on the customer with usual responses on unexplained data usage. 

The reason I question the Cox data usage monitor is that Cox showed that we only used 2 Gigs yesterday. Ever since the huge spike, I have been watching the router data usage and the Cox data usage like a hawk. Yesterday we used at least 8 Gigs of data. This is in my favor, but really shows an issue with the Cox data usage monitor.

I communicated this back to Cox, but again to no avail. I know they think their 3rd party vendor has verified the service, but there is an issue. Unfortunately, every time I communicate with them there is not much they can say or do since they have no real tools to investigate. I put a ticket in with Cox, but they only said the 3rd party vendor showed my IPDR data the same as Cox. Not really addressing the complaint. This only shows that the data they sent to Cox matches, but does not touch on the issue that the data is discrepant. 

I am seeing unexplained huge spikes and unexplained extremely low data usages. I wish they would really look into the issue. If the 3rd party vendor is providing Cox invalid data then this is bad for Cox since they are charging customers based on that data. This is really bad for the customer having to pay for invalid data.

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  • Hi Saron, the Cox data usage meter measures traffic passing through a subscriber’s cable modem within +/-1%. The meter has shown a bias toward undercounting, which benefits customers. Pages 9-11 of the Netforecast independent third party assessment (PDF) of the Cox Data Usage Meter ( explains what data is counted and where the data should be measured. Were you able to account for the two-day spike in data that occurred in your last usage cycle? Did anyone in your household get a new networked device? Do you have internet-connected security cameras? Have you had any recent visitors who may have used your network? Does anyone in your home watch streaming services such as Netflix? Usage still incurs if the content is left on overnight, even if someone is not actively watching it. Do you have any gaming platforms that may have downloaded game updates or new games on those days? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi Becky;

      Thank you for your response. I still have no explanation for the huge spike of data usage. I have considered the items you have mentioned, but we have no unusual usage that can account for 600 Gigs in 2 days.

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    Not to say there isn't a issue with the "data usage monitor". You might want to check your computers to make sure they are not compromised by a trojan, virus or malware. That's an insane amount of data usage for 2 days. I suspect 3 things. A neighbor close by has been able to access your wireless network and has been downloading content, your computer system{s} are infected with something that is downloading information or the "data usage monitor" is indeed the issue.

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      Hi OpenBSD;

      These are items I have also considered, and would make more sense for that amount of usage. So far, none of the devices have shown to be infected, I did not see any unknown devices connected or leased in that time. Also checked the devices for some sort of huge amount of files that were downloaded, and did not find any. The one item I also considered is a possibility that the router became infected or defective causing erroneous data usage. I have since replaced the router, but this leaves me scratching my head Thank you for your thoughts;