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3 years ago

Cox Connectivity Flippy-Floppy for a week in Arizona

I'm in Phoenix AZ. Nowhere near any hurricanes or tropical activity. Service has been terrific since I joined in 1999, with explainable outages over the years that got corrected.

I've been working from home successfully during this entire pandemic, but beginning Monday, 13 Sep, 2021 suddenly the connectivity started flipping off for a few minutes, then back on for a few minutes, all day long, all night long.

The apologetic error message provided on my account overview page is vague, and has no ETA and no real explanation. Calls get me to a recording that attempts to blame this on "more people working from home". But, as I said, it's been fine until suddenly last week.

It's offline even now, as I am typing this - I was lucky to get this page and it took me 20 minutes to get this far into the site. 

I don't want vague mushy apologies or assurances that you feel my frustration. Believe me, you don't. I cannot work unless I use my cell phone as a hotspot. So, I am far beyond frustrated at this point.

How about some clear, good, solid, and truthful communications, huh? Wouldn't that be a treat? "Yes, customer, we've had to do X, Y, or Z and This Thingie Here Happened so we're correcting that. We are waiting on equipment from outer east Numnutz, and our current ETA for getting things back up is mm/dd/yy - hh:mm, although that date could change. Meanwhile, yes, you're screwed. Here, we'll pay for your cellphone data overage charges!"

How 'bout it, Cox People?

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