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4 years ago

Cox and Outlook

We have a new laptop and new Outlook program.  Three times now I have worked with Geek Squad to reconnect them.  Today I was told Cox is phasing out their email service and it "comes and goes" onnectivity wise with email programs. The agent also said Cox is not accepting new email clients.   Hum.  Have you heard this?  Do you have a similar problem and know how to fix it yourself?  Outlook will send and receive emails correctly then all of a sudden, I have errors and don't receive emails.  Cox email works without problems on iPads and phones so we are suspect that the problem is Cox.  Please share if you know what my ongoing problem might be.  Thank you.  

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    if you didn't have an account back in the fall, you couldn't/can't create one.

    nope, i've had several different versions of outlook from 2002, 2007, 2010, 2013 & now 2016. i still have 2002 on an xppro machine.

    i setup outlook manually as pop3 account, with portable devices imap.