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Constant packet loss from cox node

I am a current customer with Gigablast internet, I have replaced my modem, router and had a Tech replace my cable line from the modem to the telephone pole.  I have been having a severe connectivity issues for more than a year now and have isolated my issue using pingplotter.  I've been having a de-prioritization issue with the cox firewall on the COX server ( causing severe latency issues when I'm working remote.  I called the Cox Communications Help Desk multiple times and they just ping my modem, say everything is okay and close the call.  I have requested multiple times to create a ticket so it can be referenced/escalated and the help desk would refuse stating no problem has been found. 

I noted that I have been routed through the Cox Server ( and all of my connectivity problems were resolved.  Unfortunately it was only temporary and my traffic was again routed through ( again and my problems came back.

Any help from COX support that is capable of looking into this issue would be appreciated.

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  • @Aaron12, We can look further into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the concerns to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.