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4 years ago

Constant cox internet outage - disconnects 20-30 times a day lasting from 30 sec to 1 min

Constant cox internet outage - disconnects 20-30 times a day lasting from 30 sec to 1 min

2 time tech visited and did something to the cable that's coming in but no help. 

issue is still same, every day i loose internet connection. 

Moved in march and bought the cox for the first time. zip code 85027. 

I only have cox Modem\Route combo and asked for internet service only. 

Panoramic Wifi Gateway - its cox modem\router combo

Things I've done.

1. Call cox to discuss the problem

call history (

18th July

1 Aug

5th Aug

10th Aug )

2. Reset the modem (many times)

3. Restart my computer (many times)

4. Disconnected Router and just have the modem running a straight line into my computer from the modem

5. Inspect the cable lines

6. Looked for similar problems online

7. I had 2 tech visit and my internet is still terrible

any suggestion???? cox does not have clue and want to sell me complete care. 

Please help.

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    Techs should test signal strength and signal noise ratio before it enters your house and then at your modem.  Could be bad before it reaches your modem.  This was my issue and they made adjusts to box by the street, and eventually had to also replace line to house.

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      Ok thanks for update and as I mentioned before tech came 2 times and didn’t do anything. 

      now I had signed up for cox complete care, so looks like scam anyway that I have to pay them to fix cables or box on the street.

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        There's no charge for repairs made outside of the home. Cox Complete Care is offered for customer that wish for inside wiring issues to be covered during service visits.