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2 years ago

check docusign carefully before signing

I have multiple business accounts with COX.  Never do more than a 3 year contract with any of my vendors because business and technology constantly change.  When I set up one of my accounts the sales rep slipped in a 5 year contract.  Now of course I need to close that location.

I've paid 3 years even though I closed the facility last year.  Recently, I contacted customer service and told them that unless somebody helped me resolve this I would cancel all my accounts.  There are too many options out there to work with a company that I feel is screwing me.

No problem, I was told.  We'll cancel this location if you increase your bandwidth at another location.  Seemed reasonable and I need the additional bandwidth since the other account was set up years ago when all they had was 10mb.  The guy told me he wanted to keep us as a customer and would give us a discount that would offset the cost of the additional bandwidth.

So I get the documents to sign and guess what - the new service is adding 150% cost to my old bill and the other location is being closed with a 2 year penalty clause.  Fortunately, I caught this BS and told the guy this is not what we agreed to.  Now he claims ignorance and said a supervisor will contact me.  I haven't heard anything - crickets.

My business partner is a disabled retired military officer.  He wants to go scorched earth over the perceived lack of honor.  I just want to get this resolved.  Is there a way to go higher up within cox and talk to somebody who can resolve this without lying to me?


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  • Hi Rick, it sounds like we haven't provided you with the level of customer service for which we want to be known. I'm so sorry for the aggravation this has caused and the way this has impacted your other accounts! I value your business and I want to ensure we resolve this to your satisfaction. Since my team doesn't handle Cox Business accounts, we partner with a Cox Business team for situations like this. Please email this post to along with your name, the best number where you can be reached, the name of the business, and the address of the business account that recently closed. This is my team's email address, and we will forward it to the correct Cox Business team requesting that a team member call you. I'm sure we can work together to find an acceptable solution. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator