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4 years ago

Can't access HBOgo or MAXgo from my browser

It's worked for years but within the last few days I can no longer access either hbogo or maxgo from a web browser.

I go to either the HBO or Cinemax site, and click on login.

I select Cox as my provider, and I'm taken to the Cox login screen.

I click on the login and I'm taken back to either HBO or Cinemax as always, but now I get the message:

"We’re having trouble verifying your access to HBO GO with your TV provider"

"It appears that your Cox subscription does not include HBO"

The response is the same for both HBO and Cinemax, so it's an issue with the Cox authentication.

I've tried it with two different PC's, and three different browsers, so it's not a browser issue, it's the same equipment, browsers, and Cox login I've been using for years. 

It's always worked before but obviously something has changed in the last week, anyone else have this problem?

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    Have you recently changed your TV package in any way?

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      Nope, same TV package for the last 8 years or more. Nothing has changed.

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    @vbguy67, can you please include a link to this forum thread and reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, Facebook, or at I'd like to investigate this further. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Thanks for your response Kevin, but I don't have/use Facebook or Twitter. I'm 70 years old and not a social media person. When I go to the Cox Help page I don't see any way to reach tech support online,  that's why I was going to wait till Monday to call them.

      On the "Great Ways To Get In Touch" section at the top of the Help page, the only applicable link is to these forums. So that's what I used in my quest for assistance.

      Scrolling down to the "If You Need More Help" heading, the "Support Section" just gives me a phone number and office hours, no way to contact support online.  The "Homelife and Tech Support" section is the same, just a phone number and office hours. There is no online support that I can find, other than these forums. I guess Cox mistakenly assumes that everyone is into social media and only provides that as a means of online contact for tech support..

      So in summary, I don't see any way that I can provide a link to tech support, or even contact them except by phone. 

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        OOOOPS, I failed to notice that the Cox help you referenced was an email address, I read it too fast and took it for the Cox Help page. Bear with me, I'm old and not as quick as I used to be.

        I used the email address to send them a link,  thank you very much for providing that, I"ll let you know what happens.