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30 days ago

Cannot Send Mail

What happened to the instructions that were supposed to arrive once the transition to Yahoo happened?

I can send emails from Windows 10 desktop using the Cox webmail address:

However I can't send email using the Mail app on my iPhone or iPad. I get this message:

"Cannot Send Mail.  The connection to the outgoing server "" failed.  Additional outgoing Mail Servers can be configured for Mail accounts in Settings > Mail > Accounts>"

How can I determine if I am in "transition" or some other problem?

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    Unfortunately this is a KNOWN issue with Apple Email clients, and it happens with ALL services not just Cox.

    About 122,000,000 results (0.36 seconds) 

    Yes, that's 122 MILLION hits for cannot send mail with Iphone. Happens with MAC computers, iphones and ipads. If you are setup as IMAP, delete the account and re-add the account, that SHOULD fix this issue. 

    I reported this issue back on OSX 10.5 as a beta tester, they never fixed it, and carried the issue over to their mobile devices. Good luck getting it fixed permanently, it will ONLY happen when enough people take Apple to task to get it fixed, and quit blaming email providers.  

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      Absolutely not true. I have had no problem sending email from Apple Mail client after adding Gmail and Outlook email addresses. I had to use the Advanced settings and set it up manually, correct the default IMAP and SMTP ports. That enabled me to send using Gmail and Outlook email but still won’t work with email address  

      Didn’t Cox do basic user and platform testing before this migration debacle?

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    same issue. I cant send emal from my iphone. I cant access any of the settings for the outgoing mail server either (although everything looks good)..... When will this issue be resolved?

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    I looked at yahoo and didn't like it.

    I already have a gmail account and the simplest way for me was to let gmail take care of transferring everything. I did use mail forwarding from Cox but it wasn't needed. Gmail takes care of everything. You put in your Cox credentials and it starts transferring everything that was in your Cox inbox. No need for some ripoff $99 program that I saw while Googleling for instructions. Free and easy.

    I also decided to change my email address with all the websites I normally use. I get so much junk/spam/phishing in my Cox email that maybe this will free me from a lot of it. It wasn't that hard. Just log in, go to your profile and edit your email address. Most of them will send a text code to verify, and then you're done. All my important websites are in my bookmarks, so I just went down the list, some 2 dozen businesses, banks, credit cards, etc.

    If you want to simply transfer your Cox emails to gmail:

    Start a gmail account with Google. Open your gmail and click the Icon Wheel (settings). then click "See all Settings." Look for "Accounts and Imports" then for "Import mail and contacts." Enter your Cox login info and BOOM, sit back and let it do the rest. Takes about a day for some 700 emails.

    You might want to also get the Gmail app for phone, iPad, MacBook, etc, whatever you're using. Or just go to Google.

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    I am having the same issue.  Is there something in the settings that I need to change on my iPhone?

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      I was having the same problem but solved it doing the following: I already had an existing Yahoo email address, so I went to Settings, Mail, Accounts, and deleted my Cox email account on my iPhone.(changing the IMAP / SMTP settings on my phone didn't solve the problem).  I then went to the Add Account section and selected Yahoo from the choices (iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, AOL,, Other). I signed in with my email & password and was able to get my Cox mail through the Yahoo mail on my phone. Since I already had a Yahoo mail account on my phone, my Cox mail is listed in the accounts as "*********** I set my wife's iPhone up for her Cox mail and it is listed under Yahoo mail, since she didn't have an existing Yahoo email account already. Of course, this is all contingent upon you already having made the Cox / Yahoo transition outlined in the instructions provided previously by Cox. 

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      Same problem here. Migration completed, new yahoo email account added to iPad and iPhone Mail app but yahoo doesn’t appear to allow smtp password to be added to configuration and won’t send email without the password. 
      Cox smtp is disabled so that certainly won’t send messages. 
      How can we send email again, please??


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        Hello AMW, sorry to see that you are having concerns with the set up on your device to connect with Yahoo's mail servers.  They do have a support team that can assist with some of these questions.  They can be reached at or call Yahoo Support at 1-866-562-7250 for assistance. 

  • Hi John, I'm sorry for the difficulty you've experienced this morning when trying to access your Cox email. If you can still access your email by logging into or, your account has not yet moved to Yahoo. We'll need to investigate a bit to determine why you're getting the outgoing server error. So that my team can further assist you, please email us at or message us on Twitter (@CoxHelp) or Facebook (

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      How are we supposed to email when our emails aren’t sending?  I am trying to get mine to work.  All I did was change my password getting ready for the transition.  I am still with cox.  And I can’t get anyone to help get my outgoing server back working.  

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        If your emails are still with Cox, you can go to to view and send emails. I do apologize that you are experiencing trouble with sending. If the email has transitioned to the Yahoo platform, you will receive a pop up message once you sign in with your new password from this site as well. We can also be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by phone. Thank you for your questions. 

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      I sent email to but haven't heard back.  Meanwhile testing again, outgoing emails are NOW working again.  I have no idea what happened, maybe just speculation that the cox server was overloaded and busy first thing this morning.
      So, my question, is there a setting on how long I wait for server before timing out?  Maybe in some advanced settings?

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        Hi John2222,
        I apologize, I've been searching, but I'm not seeing an email from you. Can you try again, if you still need assistance? Can you further explain your question? If there is an issue on the server and it's timing out, I'm not sure any settings would change the amount of time it takes to restore. I may be misunderstanding the issue, I apologize.