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2 months ago

Filed an FCC Complaint

Internet service not only does not adhere to advertised speeds, but also neighborhood/community has been without service for more than 24 hours three times in the past two weeks. The most recent outage has already surpassed three days.

No notice was given when crews began work on-site when services were disconnected and now more than 50 businesses and homes are without service. Cox stopped providing estimate reconnection times more than 24 hours ago.

I sincerely doubt that anything will result from the complaint, but this fiasco is one more reason to avoid Cox like the plague. In four years of being a Verizon customer in the same exact area, I never suffered a single outage that was not due to adverse weather or a power outage in the area.

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  • Hi FlailingForma,
    Please email our team at with your full name, complete address, and this post so we can investigate what’s happening.

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      Why would I expect someone else from Cox to care or actually resolve this issue? I've been on the phone, talking to ground crews (while they were actually on-site), and chatting with "Live Agents" for three days now. I've already emailed this address and have gotten no response other than the typical canned, "we apologize for the inconvenience". You have cost me time, money, and sanity.

      Cox can deal with the consequences. I've also asked the rest of those affected to file complaints as well. Terrible ISP and awful customer service. Once Verizon is in this area, I'm petitioning all in the area to change providers, if not paying them to make the change.

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        Hi FlailingForma, We hope you will reconsider. We want to help. We can open a complaint and an investigation into this problem. You can still reach out to us by email,, with your specific account and location information.