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6 years ago

CANNOT send emails w iPhone & iPad.

All incoming & outgoing settings are correct. Everything said has been done more than once. I.E. deleting account & setting up again as new, restarting devices, etc. Tired of blame being passed around from Mobile provider, Cox, etc. Fix the problem please!

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    Hi there, I can understand your frustration about not being able to send/receive emails on your devices. Although you've indicated you've deleted the accounts and re-established them again I question if you're using our new server settings. They were updated quite a few months back. Here's the link that walks you through that process It's suggested that you check the settings on your older devices first. Let us know how this works out. -Thanks, Carol
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      Thank you. However, as stated, everything has been done and done and done again. Can receive emails but cannot send emails. From viewing these forums MANY people are having the exact same problem. The updates suggested above were from 1 year ago. Everything was and is up to date and in complete working order until a few weeks ago.