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4 years ago

Can I opt out of Cox public wifi?

Just installed a new Panoramic Router and found out this defaults me into the public wifi program. 

Not too happy about this.

I followed the online instructions and noticed I am unable to opt out (or in) in the privacy settings area.

Am I missing something?

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    Hi @Exiled_in_CA,

    We encourage all customers to keep this feature enabled as it allows more people to enjoy the benefits of Cox Wifi, but you will always have the ability to disable the Cox Wifi feature by logging into your Cox account, going to, selecting “Privacy Settings” in the “Password and Security” box, and clicking “Disable.”

    Ben S.
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    apparently you are missing something, your primary wifi is still encrypted!!

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      The Hotspot beacon still uses resources within the router, such as memory, processing and WAN port.

      If I'm paying for Internet access, why not dedicate all resources to my own needs?  Am I being selfish?

      If Cox wants more subscribers to "enjoy the benefits of Cox WiFi," install more Hotspots.  We're not a socialist country yet.

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        "yet" being the key word!!

        i'm still doing 500+ on wifi for my phones so i could care less if the wifi spot is broadcast!!