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2 years ago

Can I keep my email if I cancel Cox as my ISP?

Or at least set email forwarding so that I get emails after the 60 day grace period?


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    If you are transferring Cox service to a different location, you can transfer your email.  If you are cancelling Cox service, you have a 90 day grace period to copy contacts and/or saved email to a different email client.  After 90 days, your Cox email will no longer be accessible.  There is no option to restore the email address once it is deleted

    I would advise contacting to get confirmation of the 90 day grace period.

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    I would switch email providers before you cancel and set up email forwarding from your Cox email to the new email address. You can also set up a vacation message telling people your new email going forward.

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    You can put cox on vacation mode for up to 9 months a year. Cost is $9.99 a month. Gives you more time to get emails transferred.