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4 years ago

6 Technician Work Orders in 3 Months, STILL Having Same Issues

In August of this year, I switched to Cox Gigablast service from their 300Mbps Download service, and have been having several issues ever since. I will explain everything that's happened in order, and the issues I am still having that can hopefully be resolved by someone actually experienced with Modem/Power Level knowledge.

CM1000v2 Modem

R6900v2 Router

- Initially, I had never been receiving the full 1Gig speed, had a technician come out and the issue was resolved that day

- Later that week, I sent a reset to my modem and it BRICKED my modem, making it entirely useless, (software ended up being flashed somehow from the modem refresh), and had to receive a new one from Netgear.

- THIS is where I had issues starting that are still affecting me, consistent (about a few hours, a couple of times a day) where my upload speed (35Mbps) goes down to nothing higher than 1-5Mbps and download is fine most of the time, but often drops to about 400Mbps. I called a tech, he told me that the whole amplifier out at my box had to be replaced because it was giving out incorrect power levels, and someone had an *INGRESS* line connected to it.

-2 Weeks pass still having issues, I call for another tech come out. This tech comments again about why there is an *INGRESS* line coming into the hub/amp and tells me that I am also having incorrect power levels, and plant maintenance would come in a couple of days to adjust my power levels.

-1 Weeks passes, still having issues, I call for another tech visit. (In between this time a different tech had disconnected the splitter going to a neighbor's residency and removed the ingress line) This tech says he is receiving noise levels through the amplifier, then says it's coming from my line. We replace the line and he says everything is good.

-Next day I am still having the same issue, tech is scheduled to come the next week. Tech comes to test speeds from my modem and is unable to hold a connection through my modem until he calls Cox to change my IP to my modem from a Dynamic IP to a Static IP. He then is able to connect and says everything is fine, I comment to him about how all my downstream power levels are around 9-11 dBmV, and he says he has "All green checks" on his end so it's fine.

-Come to today, I am still having the same issues, where I cannot manage to have a consistent Upload speed from my connection for more than a couple of hours a day. I am very certain that the issue is my downstream power levels, as they are now increasing to 10.5-12.5 dBmV and should for sure be around 7-8dBmV. (Photos below)

I am here on this forum to get further insight if this is not the issue, or whenever the next tech comes, I can tell him "THIS IS THE PROBLEM" and know it is correct. Thanks you.

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    To add to this, no other tech besides the second one who came said anything about the hub/amplifier needs to be replaced and it hasn't been replaced either.

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      Hello, this appears as if you may need someone to investigate your account personally. We would be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started. Thank you.
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