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3 months ago

5 day outage

My Internet has been down for five days now in Phoenix although my direct neighbor has Cox and hers is still up. They don’t have any timelines to fix it, but I work from home and my job depends on me having an Internet connection. I’m at the point now. I’m about to switch to Verizon because I just need any sort of Internet And five days is pretty excessive considering they usually get it back up within a couple of hours. I’m not sure what to do because I’ve enjoyed having Cox for 10+ years and really don’t want to switch, but I need Internet and I don’t seem to have any  or timelines on when it will be up. Anyone have any suggestions? Customer support just says they don’t have any control over and they hope its up soon. 

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  • KeltAZ, 
    We absolutely value your business and want to get the ball rolling for a solution. I work remote too, so I understand how important that stable connection is to get things accomplished. I'm sorry to hear you're going on 5 days. With your neighbor not impacted, we may need to investigate if there may be something else impacting your connection to the network. If remote troubleshooting fails, then we may need a technician to ascertain a solution or if it's indeed a network issue in your area. When you have a moment, could you email us at with your name and complete address with a URL to this forum? 

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    A technician did come out two days later, on Wednesday and was here for about 15 minutes and then said there was in fact an outage affecting service to my house, which is frustrating because when I called on Monday, tech-support said there was no outage. The technician was surprised I’ve been in without service for so long and that it wasn’t resolved yet. However, the technician also said he would be back by the end of the day to check and see if service was restored because normally it restored within a couple hours. He never called back and he never showed back up and here we are on day 5 with no Internet, and no help or timeline of when it will be up. Not sure if the technician truly knew what he was doing as he spent very little time here and seemed just off. I definitely appreciate any assistance that can be provided. I’m at the point now where I need to consider switching service which I don’t want to do. 

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      Hi KeltAZ,


      I am sorry to learn of your ongoing troubles and I'd like to look into this a bit more.  Please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at with your account details.  Be sure to include the link to this thread.


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