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3 years ago

3X miscounting of data - unwillingness of customer care to look at this issue in CMTS or modem

For the first time as a 11 year Cox customer I started getting notices that I was in danger of exceeding my data cap.

I am a techie, and in fact run an ISP with tens of thousands of customers in the midwest.

I use a managed router platform from Minim that allows me to track my customers data usage, and I used it just now. Since August 11 I have used 316.7 GB.

Cox is reporting I have used 978 GB. Literally 3x.

Cox customer care has read the script trying to sell me more data. They also told me to change the password on my router. All of their scripted responses. They also tried to sell my Cox Complete Care.

But I have Cox dead to rights. You are triple billing for data. 

I hope someone knowledgable inside Cox sees this and responds. I understand that your front line support workers are ill-equipped to respond to what is likely a backend programming issue with your data monitoring tools.

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  • Do you have solid dat a to report them to FCC?  they have been lax with a lot of stuff.

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    You can gather evidence by taking a screenshot of your data usage meter every day. You could then show them how much you're using daily/weekly to refute the charges. You'd have to use 42 GB per DAY for 30 days to reach your limit of 1280 GB. Click on "Past daily" and it will show how much you used each day for the last 30 days.

    And if your daily usage seems way too high, maybe a neighbor is stealing your wifi bandwidth. Can you log on to your router to see everything that's connected, and account for every device?

    I've been binge-watching 8 seasons of Homeland with my 30 day free trial of Showtime on my Firestick and my data usage is not all that high. 700 GB is my all time high record of usage. Normally it's less than 600 GB per month. My daily usage is less than 20 GB per day.