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New Contributor much does cox charge for phone jack installation? tech take photo of wifi password to test the speed on his device? 3. does cox tell you of preplanned outages? where is it broadcasted? much cox charge for phone jack install? phoneline only goes through modem, tech says need to call alarm or electrician compnay if want phone jack in another room.2. is it usual tech photo your wifi password to test speed on his device? 3. doex cox tell you of preplaned outages? where is it braodcasted? 

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  • Hello Forumtalkie,

    Thank you for reaching out with your questions. The question about Phone Jack installation may vary depending on if you already have our phone service or if you are a new customer looking to add phone service. If you have the phone modem set up near where you plan to place the phone or phone base, you can connect directly to the modem without needing any outlets.

    It is not usual for them to take a picture of the password. It is usual for the technician to try to test the connection by connecting to your wifi network. They will use their own device if there is no other device to connect readily available. If you are concerned, you can change the wifi password at any time through the Panoramic Wifi App.

    If there is a network upgrade or preplanned outage, we will normally inform our customers of the date the work will be performed at lease 2 days prior. You would typically receive a letter in the mail, email, and door hanger informing you of the date.

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