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DVR/Menu/etc slow or unresponsive

I've had this problem for *years*, & I've just had enough of it. I've swapped DVRs, bounced the DVR, call your support 9many times, & it yet continues almost daily. It often takes a long time (seconds to minutes) before the DVR responds to commands via remote (play, guide, pause, etc, etc). The video playback is always fine (recordings or live TV). it's just that often (sometimes all day) the darn video (or menu or DVR, etc) doesn't pause, doesn't play, doesn't do anything after pressing ANY remote buttons. No, it's not a problem w/ the remote, & I can prove it. Sometimes, I'll get the error message "There appears to be a problem... Please tighten your cable connection, etc." Sometimes, the DVR just ignores when I press play, stop, DVR, whatever I press.

The only reason why I'm using this forum, is because Cox support does not track or remember chronic problems. I want a documented record of this. Every time a problem recurs, I have to go through the exact same steps every time: Call support, reboot the DVR, dispatch a tech, & hope the problem happens while he's at my house. Repeat ad nauseam. The is the reason why I cancelled your Internet services after decades of use: chronic, recurring problems, that never get fully resolved. Hopefully, I won't have to cancel your TV service, too.

  • What you have described is a bad cable connection to the cable box. Verify connections, replace any splitters or barrel connectors and the cable from the box to the wall should be swapped as well. Those are steps YOU can take before having a tech come out. 

    Also, ensure your NEW internet provider is using a separate connections and is not using the SAME cable network into your home that the Cox Cable is using. EVEN if the put on a "Frequency splitter". It causes huge issues. 

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