KDOC (channel 12) now showing TCT Ministries on both cable boxes and watchtv.cox.com

Just a heads up for anyone else with this issue, KDOC is showing TCT Ministries 24/7 now instead of the shows shown in the lineup.  (Paternity Court, The First 48, Storage Wars, etc.)

I've called Cox tech support, and they were even more clueless than I am.  They said the lineup hasn't changed, and that it should be KDOC with the shows above.

And YET, they wanted to reset my cable boxes, blah blah, to try to "troubleshoot."  Now they're sending a technician over...  Because he can fix what's streaming on watchtv.cox.com, right?  Of course not.  It will take him a millisecond to understand that this is a back office issue and he can't do anything about it.

But because he came out, he's going to have to check signals, replace connectors "just for good measure," blah blah, so it doesn't look bad on his performance reviews.  And this waste of time is reflected in our monthly fees.

How ridiculous is this!

On the bright side, if enough people with the issue call Cox about it, someone there with half a brain might get curious and figure something's up...  The agent told me this.

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