Cable box will drop out channel video and audio now and again while streaming via Amazon Fire seems fine.

Cable box will drop out video and audio now and again while streaming, via Amazon Fire, seems fine. Have replaced only signal splitter with amplified version. Using modem, all signal strengths and SNR seem fine but cable channels still drop out now and again .Sometimes channel drop out is for minutes, other times, just for seconds. All cable connections from Cox underground cable junction at street to powered splitter are tight. To me, this all started after a close by lightening strike several months ago which did get into my receiver and TV. Do not understand Cox cable but appears cable carries multiple frequencies which carry actual digital video and audio. Could some active component in the Cox system for my street have one or more frequencies bad?? How to fix this. Oh, did replace Cox cable box a month ago before amplified splitter and same problem.  Help

  • Had a service call by an experienced technician. Verified cox tap at street, various coax runs. Replaced several connectors and "barrels" and short cables and found a high noise level on one run of coax that is run under a floor. Confirmed that TV would drop out without any "loss of HDMI to a receiver first and then receiver sending HDMI to TV. Bottom line is seems to be fixed. Do have one run of coax with a problem but not Cox problem. If I get problem again with TV will have to determine new way to run Coax to location feeding set top box. Very satisfied with Cox service on the call. He checked every thing and did all he could. Cleaned up little problems here and there but little problems can add up in a whole system. Nosie inside house on coax is the real problem and my problem to fix or not..  

  • Confirmed that TV would drop out

    Does this make sense?  Is the tech suggesting a faulty TV?

    found a high noise level on one run of coax that is run under a floor

    What is causing the noise?  What else is down here under the floor?  If streaming was fine, it has to be something broadcasting on the same frequencies as cable-TV channels.  What have you changed in the past few months?  Is there an HVAC system down there?  Does it have a wireless feature?  Did you nail something into the floor?

    If this had just started, you changed something.  If you had a series of short cable segments joined with connectors and splitters, these needed to be replaced but you had these before the problem, right?

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