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Terrible Live Sports Delay

Public Service Announcement: If you like to watch live sports Cox is the WORST possible option available.

I recently got Cox again after moving in a new build home. Cox was my only option for internet on my new street so I got a package deal that incl TV for a year.

My problem is I only watch sports on TV. If it wasn't for sports I wouldn't have cable TV. This was never an issue when I had Cox before at previous residences.

Here is a specific example: Last night I'm watching a playoff hockey game and I'm talking to my brother on the phone. I'm in Las Vegas watching on Cox. My brother is in North Carolina watching on Spectrum. Both of us tuned to ESPN. My brother says, "Goal!" Two seconds later my iphone dings, "Goal!" One minute later I see it on Cox.

I could provide 100s of examples exactly like that. I have a free TV antenna hooked up to my TV for 'free' games on cbs, fox, nbc because I can't watch the NFL on Cox delay. That's a problem when my TV bill is $100+ a month. If you live in a cocoon watching sports on Cox will be great but if you talk to people or have a phone near you while watching games on Cox you will find out the result long before you see it on your TV. Really annoying. I acknowledge 99.9% of people probably won't care about this and I'm sure that's why Cox doesn't care about it. But when cable TV is slower than streaming services like Sling or YoutubeTV that is poor service.

Anyway, I wasted hours trying everything I could think of it, rebooting my box etc., but a technician on my street explained apparently this a result of Cox converting their signal to MPEG-4 so there is no fix except to cancel my Cox TV service which I will do the day my contract is up.