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My water line was cut during an additional line was installed.

I had a sub contractor come out to my house who was working for Cox. I was installing an additional cable under my driveway to my shop. He started picking up my driveway with his DitchWitch and then asked to just chip away in front of the driveway. I told him sure so he did that. Everything got installed and within a few days a tech came and finished the install. Lest then a week later I noticed water shooting up from the driveway and then noticed my entire yard was soaked. I called the water company and they came out and said my water meter was spinning a fast as it possibly could. They shut off my water and I called a plumbing service. To make a long story short we had to have a new water line put in from the street to the house, new sod out over the new ditch, concrete put over the trench in the driveway, and reconnection. We were without water at our house for 5 days. I have called Cox so many times about this but they will never call me back. It has now been over a year since they did this and no one at Cox will call me back. I have told the techs that come out and they always say "no problem, they will take care if this for sure". I had a repair issue number but now they say it has been fixed. I have all of the receipts and dates but it looks like Cox is hoping I just guess forget about it. It is especially hard when I am paying over $400.00 a month to them.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am at my wits end about this. Thank you for any comments.