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Done with refurbished boxes And cox

Alert new customers,  when you sign up for service you are getting a refurbished box that breaks constantly and fees will be charged for coming out to replace a refurbished box with another refurbished box. Im going on my fourth box in 4 months. Apparently the refurbishers aren't able to fix the boxes to last more than a month.  It's getting worse.  And unless you live in an area with fiber optic lines this will continue.  I was personally told this by the last 2 techs that came out. 

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  • Hi @Aliceblaylock53
    I know how frustrating it is to have multiple box swaps and still have unresolved issues. Any time the technician finds problems on our side or with any of our equipment, no charges are applied for the visit. You can get your box swapped out at a local Cox solution store and we can even ship you a replacement box if you need one as well.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator