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Recording starts 45 seconds early and stops 45 seconds before end of show

Recently all of my DVR recording have started 45 seconds early and ends 45 seconds before end of show. The DVR time is 45 seconds fast in comparison to the actual time. Called Tech support and we reset/rebooted DVR multiple times but clock is still set 45 seconds to fast. Tech told me I would be charged $75 for a tech call if it was not a Coc problem. My work around has been to extend the time recording by 1 minute. Anyone have any suggestions other than a $75 tech call?  

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  • Add mine to the list. Rewind and fast forward is a problem too. Doesn’t stop until after a number of frames have past. Like the OLD technology of VHS tapes. Couldn’t edit due to the tape advances. Need a equipment fix   not a operation snafu that LIMITS performance and value. Don’t you think COX?