EPIX Free Preview June 4-7 2021 Not Working & Tech Support No Help

I noticed in the Contour Menu it showing a free EPIX preview from June 4-7. I tried to access the channels and the On Demand for Epix and none of the programs or movies are showing free to watch. I contacted tech support, thinking maybe my DVR didn't do its update and that is why I couldn't access it. The technician sent a signal to the box and had me unplug it to reboot it (all things I could have done myself). The only other suggestion he gave was to send someone out and possibly end up switching out my Contour box. I told him I did not want to do that and lose all my recordings just for a free preview. I don't understand why they put on there it is a free preview weekend if it actually isn't one. Has anyone been able to access the free preview? 

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