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Cloud recording playback is terrible

What is going on with this service? We record shows and 100% of the time when we go to watch them they do one or the more of the following: lose audio, freeze, fast forward images that dont match with what is actually showing on the recording, recordings get cut off, or are missing segments, just a complete mess. This cannot be Cox's expectations for this service. In reviewing these forums this appears to be a common and widespread issue. Can someone from Cox provide us with an explanation on what is happening and whether it can be resolved and made functional so we can get what we are all paying you for? If it cannot be resolved and made functional please let all of us know that also. Thanks

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  • Been having the same issues for The last month or so, shouldn’t be a network issue as the other streaming services seem to work fine. But, I agree I/we are paying for a service that is not being provided. May have to begin the task of looking for a replacement after 20+ years