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Problem w/ contour box -- Having to restart daily to connect service

I transferred my service a few weeks ago -- when we moved we switched to the wireless dvr and now have 4 contour boxes

3 boxes seem to work fine

One box, on the TV we use the most in the family room, (a new smart TV -- samsung qled) is giving us trouble. Each morning when turning on either "All power" or just the "TV power" button, the TV isn't recognizing the HDMI source of the cable. So each time, we do a hard reboot and it restarts and works fine.

We did have a tech come out last week (he was coming anyway to set up the homelife service). I wasn't home at the time -- He apparently said it had to do with some setting and thought he had fixed it -- not sure the details. Regardless, that was 4-5 days ago and it still re-occurs each day. 

Thoughts? Ideas?

  • We moved into a new home that is wired for TV in multiple rooms, but when Cox came out, they installed the "wireless" system - don't know why.  We have the same problem.  We only have one Samsung TV at the present time, and  every morning we lose the TV connection and have to unplug and replug the Contour box.  Then it works again.  Very frustrating since nobody seems to know the cause or solution.  I'm wondering if we went back to a "wired" solution the problem would go away.

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