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Hearing Spanish in background during Thursday Night Football

We are watching the opening night of the NFL and can hear the Spanish translation softly in the background. I made sure we had English selected as our language and we did. Just for kicks, I switched it to Spanish and it began broadcasting only English—but every other channel is Spanish. I have also had a few channels randomly begin broadcasting with the video description for the visually impaired playing. Assuming this is some kind of Cox bug? Only had Cox for a few months in a brand new house and it is terrible. We have had all kinds of problems. 

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  • We've been dealing with the same issue since upgrading to Contour and moving have a mile across the street. Pre-season football on channel 7 would start in English and then switch to Spanish and reverted back twice, finally settling on Spanish. I actually kept the recorded game and played it for the Cox representative on the phone so he could hear it switch between languages. He had never encountered the glitch. I told him I cannot be the only guy in Orange County that has this issue. It did it again on the national NBC Sunday Night Football game last night. Channels 2 and 11 don't do it, and neither has any cable broadcast. I have to go in to SAP and check the box for Spanish and the game then reverts to English. For the record, the Sunday night games on channel 4 actually have no audio until I check the Spanish box and then it goes to English. Channel 7 actually broadcasts in Spanish until corrected.        

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