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Cox DVR Blotchiness Like a Streaming Issue

I'm watching the US Open on CBS from the HD channel of my Cox DVR box.      I'm frequently seeing blotchy boxes on the screen as if I'm having a slow streaming issue.    But....I'm not streaming since this is my cable box.    Should have a streaming issue since this is my primary DVR cable box in my house.      

Is this a CBS to Cox issue?     Is this a Cox to my house DVR issue?      is this my DVR having issues?

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  • Hi Steve,

    Was this issue happening only on CBS for the US Open, or is this issue still happening for you while viewing on the DVR receiver? If this issue is still happening, then we may need to take a look to see if this is an isolated issue or something we need to investigate. If you're still seeing this picture quality issue, please email our support at with your account information and you may include a link to this forums or include details of what you're seeing now.

    Cox Forums Support Moderator
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