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Constantly have to reboot DVR

I just signed up with Cox and I've had nothing but problems with my DVR. I've had it replaced once. At first my DVR was wiping out all of my recordings. That has since been resolved with the replacement. I've been having the following problems lately:

1. Recordings being corrupt and not being able to watch them

2. Recording a currently airing show, click the record button, click confirm but it doesnt actually record the show

3. Cancelling series but it continues to record them

4. different rooms show different recordings

5. The most frustrating is sports shows. A football game that is airing for 3.5 hours on the guide records for up to 5 hours which causes conflicts with other recordings

Cox's only response is to reboot the DVR. So to use Cox cable I have to reboot the DVR twice a day?

  • Update: I rebooted and now the remote works! So happy. However, earlier I had enabled closed caption because I couldn't hear the announcers on the Seattle game because the crowd was so loud. Now, the closed caption words have moved from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen and now cover up the contour menu when I enter it. The pain continues.

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