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Contour 2 box doesn't respond and sometimes give error "having trouble connecting to your receiver."

This has been happening a lot lately.  I press a button on the remote, I see the green remote light on the box, but the box doesn't do anything.  Sometimes it just takes a while, sometimes it never responds.  Sometimes it executes all the button presses I've made while waiting for it to respond.

Changing the batteries (or just wiggling them) seems to help sometimes, even when they are still pretty new, so this might be a remote issue.

Sometimes I get a message along the lines of "having trouble connecting to your receiver" along with an error code.  It says to try again in a while and/or reboot the box.  I want to take a picture of the error, but it disappears before I can grab my phone.

Is this a signal issue, remote issue, or problem with the box?