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Over the last few days I have been inundated with "You've overpaid your utility bills so press 1 if you're a sucker" robocalls.  I report every one of them to Nomorobo.   All the calls come in with unverified (naturally) caller-IDs.   Is there some technical reason that Cox can't implement an option that blocks all calls with an unverified caller-ID?   This is beyond annoying.

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  • You may want to check out this link on blocking anonymous calls.

    The OP isn't receiving anonymous calls.  If OP is reporting the Caller ID data to Nomorobo, it's obviously not anonymous.  Moreover, Anonymous Call Rejection only works if the Caller ID reads "Private" or there is no Caller ID data.

    I think your Anonymous Call Rejection has run its course because...and I can't speak for everyone...I haven't received a private or anonymous call in over 3 years.

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