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Caller ID mismatch

Sorry, I messed that up. I should have just entered a subject. Anyway, my problem is: When I call from my home phone, the distant end caller ID displays a persons name that I don't know. What the heck? How do I fix that?

It's been happening for a year. My parents didn't want to answer my call at first because they don't know the person on caller ID either.

  • If you subscribe to Caller ID service, Cox is responsible to present the data.

    If the data is with the call, Cox will pass the data onto you.

    If no data is with with the call, Cox will lookup the Caller ID data.  Lookups cost money so Cox may just present whatever they have locally stored from previous lookups.

    These procedures would be the same for the provider on your distant end.  That provider needs to perform a new lookup.