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My phone is dead.  Has been for several days.  I am told I can't get service any more unless I have a mandatory equipment change outside and inside my home. I use several antique phones. They work with the equipment I have now. I DO NOT WANT THE EQUIPMENT CHANGE.  Can Cox force me to do this?  It seems like a bad idea that this senior lady with heart failure is without phone service right now, and also will be without phone in the future.  What do I do about 911 if I have chest pain tonight?  I'd hate to have to go through a lawsuit, provided I survive.  Do we want to buckle under to the monopolies like we did the Patriot Act?   Someone please help.

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  • Hi Ernie85017, Cox has been working all year on a project to update our telephony network by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology and replacing it with Packet Switch technology. The upgrade in phone network technology will allow us to provide customers with new phone features. We're working to migrate existing Cox Digital Telephone customers to the new platform. You will still be able to use your current telephones (the telephones of your choice) inside your home. We'll be emailing customers as well as mailing letters detailing the changes and listing steps for customers to follow. To learn more, go to If you do not allow Cox to install the new telephone equipment at your residence, at some point in the future your phone service will be affected. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator