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Phone service equipment

I currently have Cox internet service with my own Modems and routers.  The Cox store said that I must change to a Cisco DPQ3925 wifi, internet telephone modem. I do not want to do this.  I want to keep what I have. Does Cox have a telephone modem only that connects to the cable via a splitter and then ties into my house telephone wiring.   Does the telephone modems support Heart Pacemaker modems that work on the analog telephone line.  If not something that connects to the cable how about a VOIP unit for telephone service that works off of the current router.

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    why did they say you had to change to a phone modem?  are you getting cox phone added or a current cox phone customer?

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    In accordance with Federal law, if Cox requires any equipment for phone has to be free.

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    Hi WelshGap, You would need to use our Telephony modem for our **edit** internet telephone service, you could keep the other modem and use that one for your internet connection if you choose to.

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    Derrick is cox starting to require phone modems even if the house still has cox phone NIU on the outside that still works?

  • wees41,

    In areas where the existing Cox owned NIU still works and is still supported it can continue to be used, however the device is no longer manufactured so when the NIU stops working it is replaced with an eMTA, or telephony modem. Some areas operate strictly using the telephony modem.