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7 years ago

Mandatory telephone equipment update

If my current phone set-up is functioning properly, even in a power outage, and the 'update/upgrade' won't function without being plugged into my electricity, and not without a battery backup during a power outage, how is that an upgrade? And why has no one bothered to ask how much power does this new modem use per month? As others have posted, this update is NOT free! And, the unintended consequences suchas security systems and fax machines becoming inoperable is unacceptable. These issues should have been ironed out and addressed prior to making this transition mandatory! Cox has been in this business so long that if practice makes perfect, they should be much better at this by now. Work out ALL the kinks in your initial test area, THEN maybe you can reasonably assure your loyal customers that they have nothing to worry about when making the transition. As it stands, I don't trust any of your employees that tell me this will work out 'just fine'. I, like others, have no place in my home where a TV cable, telephone jack, and power outlet are in close proximity to each other. Also, like others, no Cox employees were able to give me the date of the final conversion. When Cox can prove that they've solved ALL the issues: electrical power, wiring, power outages, battery backup failures, equipment placement, (sometimes with sub-par refurbished modems), security system incompatibilities, fax machine derailments, and the basic aggravations and inconvenience of scheduling a technician who needs to enter my home, on possibly more than one occasion before the can get it right, and they can give me the final conversion date, THEN I'll consider scheduling the appointment. Until then, stop sending me these attempts at scary notices! The sky is not falling, and the minute you cut off my phone service, you cut off the revenue that it generates. How about making sure that your updates are ACTUAL upgrades, and be honest about whether or not this is a potential new revenue source for Cox. Still a customer, for now.

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