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If you have a SB6183 running slower with just 4 channels (seen at you can get full speed and 8 channels back

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Only getting max download of 33 Mbps with new DOCSIS 3 Motorola SB6183 16channel modem and Premier upgrade

It took over a week to get to the right folks in support, but eventually the above forum post, mentioned to the @CoxHelp person I was Twitter DM'ing, made all the difference.

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Hoping this forum post can help avoid some early adopter pains for other Cox customers who bought a SB6183. Let's hope they add the self-install menu option for this modem soon, so that proper provisioning would be painless.

  • In their defense, the self install worked for me. It didn't list the modem, but it did pop up with the serial and upon selection brought up the proper modem.

    In my research, I referenced your site not knowing that your problem had already been corrected.

    I still wish I was getting more than 8 channels, but I'm sure that will change sooner or later. :) 

  • I saw a relevant post on this on DSLR. Seems like its a known issue. Seems the factory firmware doesn't like how the infrastructure is in some area. But should correct itself once the firmware updates.

  • I am having the same issues. I been trying for over two weeks since upgrading my modem to a DOCSIS 3 SB6183 to get all the downstream channels I am paying for in the premier package. I've had tech guys on site twice and more than a few level 2 tickets. No one seems to know how to get my modem to show more than 4 downstream channels. It doing some internet digging it seems this is a provisioning issues where they need to set it to the right number of channels: and I know I have them available in my area because a cox test modem (CG3000D) showed 8. Anyone know how to get a hold of the right person with the appropriate technical knowledge to fix this? (and no this isn't a bad modem. Over the course of these 2 weeks I've had 6 different modems installed because the cox tech guys said the problem were bad modems...and they all can't be bad...)
  • @jfawcett2

    A proper fix will be coming for this problem in the near future.  If you're having trouble getting the advertised speeds in the meanwhile it may be beneficial to continue using the CG3000 for the time being.

  • @ChrisL  I'm having the same issue.  Purchased SB6183, new Ultimate customer set up on 12/27/14, only showing 4 downstream channels.  What are the appropriate steps to getting 8 downstream channels via this modem?  Latest modem stats below.  

    Downstream Bonded Channels
    Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR Corrected Uncorrectables
    1 Locked QAM256 85 795000000 Hz 0.1 dBmV 40.3 dB 0 0
    2 Locked QAM256 86 801000000 Hz -0.6 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0
    3 Locked QAM256 87 807000000 Hz -0.7 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0
    4 Locked QAM256 88 813000000 Hz -1.0 dBmV 40.2 dB 0 0

    Upstream Bonded Channels
    Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power
    1 Locked ATDMA 2 5120 Ksym/sec 26500000 Hz 41.8 dBmV
    2 Locked ATDMA 1 2560 Ksym/sec 21600000 Hz 40.3 dBmV
    3 Locked ATDMA 3 5120 Ksym/sec 33000000 Hz 41.8 dBmV
    4 Locked ATDMA 4 2560 Ksym/sec 37900000 Hz 43.8 dBmV