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Internet connectivity frustrations

I've had Cox internet for a little over a year, I've had an internet connection about 30% of the time usually in the middle of the night and never during the day when I'm home and would like to use it.

I've had roughly 6 Tech Guys come out replace the Box on the outside of my house, rewire everything from the box outside into my modem and every single one of these guys said the issue is not on my end the issue is in the line coming from the street to my house. And each time they've said it'll be 7 to 14 days before somebody will be out to fix it. Well here I am 5 months into this 6 Tech Guys into this and I make an appointment and finally get the claim escalated to a senior Tech. Something happens and I have an emergency and I can't be home so I get on the little Cox online chat and confirm that everything will be fine with me not being home because the tech only has to look outside at the pole in front of my house. Well the guy calls the next day and I tell him that I'm not going to be there and he says there's absolutely no way that they can help me unless I can come into my house. So I rescheduled it for today I just happened to check my email this morning and my appointment was canceled I didn't cancel it and I was never notified that it was going to be cancelled. I really need to know how I can get somebody out here to look at the polls by the street to fix my internet?

Can anyone who can read this contact me and tell me how I can get somebody to come out and fix the poles. I'm getting really frustrated paying my internet that I can't even use.


an absolutely frustrated customer!

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  • Hello,

    We can certainly look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address to so we can help.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.