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6 years ago

Printable Version of Channel Lineup Missing Channels

The printable version of the channel lineup has some channels missing. There are too many for me to list, but if you start with 101, and compare it to the channel guide on TV, or the website, there are a lot missing, including USA, WGN, MTV, a lot of them. The lineup on the website appears to be correct, it's just the printable version I'm talking about. This was true of the April 2018 version as well. 

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    And as far as I know, this is just in Tulsa OK.

  • Where are you seeing this at exactly? I looked at the printable lineup at and am not seeing these channels missing. ( and clicking on 'Printable Lineup')

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        Hi Student,

        I’ve identified the channels that aren’t listed on the printable channel lineup and reported this to the appropriate team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

        Maria L.
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      Hi Student, I'm reviewing the printable channel lineup now for February 2019, and our records indicate the following:

      USA - 34

      WGN - 64

      MTV - 39

      What channels do you see missing in the lineup? Starting with channel 101, these are the "high definition" versions of the channels. However, all of our channels are now HD. When you tune in to a Standard Definition (SD) channel, you will receive High Definition (HD) programming. This is because your video format is dual-mapped so that HD channels are also set to the SD channel location. By dual-mapping the lineup, It improves the customer experience and also provides access to shows and movies with higher picture quality and shorter, more direct channel numbers. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator

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        So, for instance, I can just tune to 34 for USA, and ignore the two other slots on the guide (101 and 1034) where it comes in?