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Fiber ONT options

My home is connected through fiber, and I have my own router that I am using. Service has been good so far, but I am looking for an option. My bill is showing that I am paying $14 for Panoramic Wifi Gateway Rental, which supposedly includes the gateway, app, security perks, etc. However I never received any of that equipment (natually because I'm using my own), and the apps say my account is not active for the other things.
So I called Cox - and they said that the $14 charge is simply for the ONT. Seems kinda weird to charge for a gateway rental when its not for a gateway, but whatever. 

First question is - am I really supposed to be paying a rental fee for the ONT device? Anyone else paying this?

Second question is - Is there a list anywhere of Cox compatible ONTs out there for if I wanted to get my own to avoid this monthly charge if thats really what it is?