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ALL Email - Including those from Cox - being marked as spam and sent to Spam folder

For about a month now, I'm no longer getting email in my Inbox.  I'm accessing my email through the Cox website.  Even emails from Cox are going directly into my spam folder.  I have another cox email account, yet it's not having this issue other than the fact that I've blocked senders and I still get their emails.  Anyway, I have my filter set to "no spam filtering", I do not have any "blacklisted" or "blocked addresses" for this account.  I have no other filters as I was told by a Cox representative to delete all filters and old emails (to free up some space) and that should help.  Well...I have yet to see any email come to my inbox.  I see many others have had this issue as well.  I need this fixed! 

When the problem first started, I did set up "allowed" senders and that did nothing.  There were all still send to my spam folder.