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2 months ago

Mark as unread

How do you mark a read message as unread in the new Cox email?  Thanks.

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      Could you share how? Is it a button when you change the inbox option to "list"? Couldn't find it in the webmail documentation.

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        Mark as unread

        Option 1: Right-click the message.  Mark as unread is a menu option.

        Option 2: Select message from list.  Press shortcut: u

        Option 3: Select message from list.  Click More actions () > Mark as unread

        Cox implemented a new OX Software release of Webmail today.

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        Middleware version: 8.20.53

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    The new release of Webmail implemented today doesn't create a new session when the browser page is refreshed F5.  The refresh button is still more efficient (except it's still not a tab stop).