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Intermittent loss is internet on daily basis

What’s going on with the internet?  24/7 my internet is intermittent!   and there is no outage in the area!    It’s not the cable lines because I just paid $150 to have Cox replace their cables they installed 5 years ago!    But lately internet is intermittently disrupted.    Also, does anyone else’s modem loud like a high pitched sound?   

  • If you are getting noise, a high pitched whine from your modem, replace it. That's a sound the device electronics make when failing. If it's Cox's modem, take it to your nearest solution store and exchange it. If you own it and it's under warranty, contact the warranty holder. If it's yours outright, look for a replacement. You should NOT be hearing any noises from the modem. BTW, that's probably what's causing your intermittent loss of internet, Not Cox's system. 

  • That's a sound the device electronics make when failing

    Pretty sure the new gateways(Wifi 6 and 6E) have a small fan inside. If replacing it doesn't fix it, try disabling Cox hotspot. Maybe someone is saturating your hotspot bandwidth.

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