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Does anyone know when COX will be upgrading their infrastructure from 3.1 to 4.0 like they said they were going to do last year?

If so, where and when will these changes take place. I am beyond mortified at how broken this internet monopoly system in the United States is holding everyone back. I am sick and tired of paying $130 a month for 10Mbps upload which is not even enough for me to have two HD streams at a time which I need. And I sure will not be paying for gigablast just for 35Mbps. If anyone knows if they will hold true to that article and when, please give me hope, thanks.

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  • DOCSIS 4.0 is probably still a long way but some of it depends on where you live. No doubt some areas will get the upgrade faster then others. Already some parts of OK, CA and CT have the 2 downstream OFDM channels and 1 upstream OFDM channel, making full use of  the D3.1 hardware finally. Once your area has been upgraded and implemented you should start seeing upload speeds up to 100Mbps with lower packages getting the upload speed boost soon after. 1000/100Mbps, 500/50Mbps, 100/10Mbps and so on. See my thread "Upstream OFDM is coming" for more info including links to the DSLReports threads. 

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